Rating System

Drinks are rated by Clover Clubs. 5 Full coupes being the best. This is ONLY for the drink aspect of a place as I believe the food and drinks in many locations are not always on the same level. I will always give a description with each place as to how they got their rating, and will occasionally add half glasses when appropriate.


Measured by Clover Clubs…

Here is a break down guide to my drink rating system:


5 Empty Coupes

5 Empty Coupes.

Not a good place. I hope to NEVER use this rating!

1 Full Clover Club

1 Full Clover Club.

NOT VERY GOOD. Bad service, Bad drinks. Just good enough however not to get 5 empty


2 Full Clover Clubs


2 Full Clover Clubs.

COULD BE BETTER. Things were not that good. Perhaps drinks were unbalanced. Cocktail list was inaccurate or not very imaginative. Bartenders were not on top of their game.


3 Full Clover Clubs

3 Full Clover Clubs.

GOOD. N0t great but certainly not bad. Service may be a little slow, drinks not quite perfect but still something good about this place and probably worth a visit.


4 Full Clover Clubs


4 Full Clover Clubs.

GREAT. Almost there but something missing. Great staff, balanced drinks, nice place.


5 Clover Clubs


5 Full Clover Clubs.

EXCELLENT. Knowledgeable & friendly bartender. Outstanding drinks and Good drink list options. Look and feel of the bar all top notch. Couldn’t be better.

Food is measured by Meat & Cheese platters! 5 Full platters being the best. This is JUST for the food aspect of a place. As with the drinks rating, I will always give my reasons for my rating choice and do half platters when necessary.


Measured by Meat & Cheese Platters.
Here is a break down guide to my food rating system:

5 Empty Platters.

Not good. I hope to NEVER use this rating!


1 Full Platter.

NOT VERY GOOD. Service slow, Food unimaginative or not prepared correctly.


2 Full Platters.

COULD BE BETTER. Menu may have a good selections, but not executed very well.  Tastes bland or not up to expectation.


3 Full Platters.

GOOD. Not terrible but definitely missing something. Good mix of flavors or choices, but not great yet.


4 Full Platters.

GREAT. Good service, interesting food. Cooked well and presented nicely. Not quite excellent but not far from it.


5 Full Platters.

EXCELLENT. Couldn’t be better. Great flavors, excellent execution of dishes and imaginative menu.

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