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The copyright to all content on this blog belongs to TheFussyOne and to the author of the content Sarah Jean Klinger.

All photographs and other images posted on that are not credited to another source are the property of the author.

Photographs, images or written articles belonging to TheFussyOne and its author may be displayed on non-commercial, educational, or personal websites as long as the appropriate attribution, permission and link-back requirements are followed.


Please note that I am not here to offend or hurt anyone. Despite my creative writing degree I understand my grammar through-out may not be perfect, I have always struggled in that area!

It is also important to mention I have no formal culinary expertise although I have been in the service industry for over 8 years myself and my boyfriend is a Mixed Drink Specialist and Bar Consultant for a number of places in this wonderful city.  I’m sure I will ask for occasional input from him on the drinks front, but other than that this is my space to say how I feel. I will be honest with my opinions, but at the end of the day that’s exactly what they are, just one persons opinion.

Please note, my blog is aimed to showcase the positive elements of the food and drinks industry.  If I go somewhere and don’t enjoy my experience, then the chances are I won’t write about it! I want to give positive reinforcement to the establishments I frequent and talk about where TO GO as apposed to where NOT TO GO.  I have never been obnoxious about my fussiness. I’m not “that” girl who sends their plate back 5 times because “there’s something not quite right”, I just know what I like and what I don’t.

Thanks everyone and enjoy my blog!

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