Drink of the Week

The Vintage Cosmo (Original Cosmopolitan)

  • 2 oz Gin
  • 3/4 oz Cointreau
  • 3/4 oz Lemon Juice
  • 5 raspberries

Shake and strain in to a coupe (this photo is in a martini glass, but you get the idea!)

Garnish: Orange Peel

This is a drink I have wanted to write about for a while, because it is one of my favorites yet not many people know of it. First off, this is the original ‘Cosmopolitan’ drink, not the version you see the girls on Sex and the City sipping, not the version most would assume a Cosmo to be (Vodka, Lime, Triple Sec and Cranberry) but a totally different drink that happens to have the same name!

This version was first seen C.1926 and was published in ‘The American travelling bartenders guide’ 1933, obviously long before the eighties version took precedence.  The Cosmo we know today is in no way related to the above version,it is merely a different publication of the same name, the inventor of this drink (still debated, so i’m not listing who it is) obviously didn’t realize they had a created a drink that already had the title.

I love this drink not just because it has Gin, which I prefer greatly to Vodka, but the cointreau, raspberry and lemon makes it a citrusy, subtly fruity and tart drink.  It is balanced and appeals to the masses. You can sweeten it with simple syrup, but the cointreau gives it a decent sweetness to begin with. I highly recommend trying the recipe at home (so easy to make), but if you are in Santa Monica this weekend I strongly suggest you pop in to Bar Chloe on 2nd and Broadway and order this drink from Head Barman Greg Bryson.

Why this weekend in particular? Well, sadly Greg aka Futuregreg (aka my boyfriend!) is pouring his last drink there this Saturday, 13th October 2012.  There will be many regulars, friends and family there for his last shift so definitely come on down for the fun occasion.

Greg has had to walk away from his beloved Bar Chloe to continue his Beverage Consulting full time at Hostaria Del Piccolo (new Venice location opens this month).  For those that don’t know Greg personally, he is someone you certainly should meet. Not only is he funny, cute and charming (yes, I am somewhat bias because he is my sweetheart) BUT he is exceptionally talented at his chosen craft and his knowledge of  ‘old school drinks’ history never ceases to amaze me, he executes drinks beautifully and has created some truly delicious concoctions of his own.

You will be seeing great things from him in the near future, guaranteed. 🙂

Come have a drink (or buy him a shot!) to see him off this Saturday, I look forward to seeing everyone there. Good luck at the new job Futuregreg, I know everyone at Bar Chloe will be very sorry to see you go.


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4 responses to “Drink of the Week

  1. What kind of gin did you use? Think Henricks would put an interesting twist on it?

  2. So, I used hendricks, grand mariner, and lime (i’m very partial to limes). Turned out decently. Hendricks was an overbearing presence in the drink. Do you think that using cointreau and lemon would have made a difference? I’m of the opinion that this particular drink isn’t for me. However, I’m willing to give it another go!

  3. You know what, I have to say the drink you made is completely different to this one and I can’t imagine it tasted too good! Grand Marnier will be much too sweet-try to use Cointreau, the Lime won’t go with the other flavors of this mix (you can’t just switch out a citrus and expect all the flavors to balance, so stick to lemon in this one) and Hendricks is great…but thinking more about it, the issue with Hendricks is the addition of cucumber and rose notes in that Gin. Try a different Gin, like Martin Millers, or something with very little juniper.

    Try the recipe with all the above ingredients and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Sadly, swapping items out in this drink won’t work..although certainly in other recipes you can. Also don’t forget the raspberries muddled.

    Remember if you don’t follow the ingredients listed then you are creating a completely different drink so definitely don’t say ‘this drink isn’t for me’ until you’ve tried it the correct way! Otherwise it would be like following a recipe for tomato soup, deciding to use carrots instead and then saying you don’t like tomato soup because the carrots didn’t work for you!!! LOL

    Let me know how it goes if you give it another go! 🙂

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